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Audit Committee

AUDIT ACTIVITY - Approve the internal audit strategy; consider the Audit Service's annual report and opinion and a summary of internal audit activity and the level of assurance it gives over the Authority's governance, risk management and internal control arrangements; consider any summaries of internal audit activity and specific internal audit reports requested by the Committee; consider reports dealing with the management and performance of Audit Services where necessary; consider a report from Audit Services on the timelines of management responses to internal audit reports and on agreed recommendations not implemented within a reasonable timescale; consider specific reports as agreed with the external auditor and the report to those charged with governance where necessary; comment on the scope and depth of external audit work and to ensure it gives value for money and liaise with the Audit Commission over the appointment of the Authority's external auditor. REGULATORY FRAMEWORK - Maintain an overview of contract procedure rules and financial regulations; review any issue referred to it by the Chief Fire Officer, Clerk or Treasurer or any Authority body; monitor the effective development and operation of risk management and corporate governance in the Authority; monitor Authority policies on " Raising Concerns at Work ", the anti-fraud and anti-corruption strategy and the Authority's complaints process; oversee the production of the Authority's Governance Statement and to recommend its adoption; consider the Authority's arrangements for corporate governance and recommending necessary actions to ensure compliance with best practice; consider the Authority's compliance with its own and other published standards and controls. ACCOUNTS - Review the annual statement of accounts and, specifically, consider whether appropriate accounting policies have been followed and whether there are concerns arising from the financial statements or from the audit that need to be brought to the attention of the Authority; consider the external auditor's report to those charged with governance on issues arising from the audit of accounts; to deal with any other matters referred to it by the Authority and to submit its minutes to the Authority.
23 June 2008 - 21 June 2009
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PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
Liberal Democrat
Councillor Carol Jones Member 23/06/2008 - 21/06/2009
Councillor Michael Robinson Vice-Chair of Audit and Performance Management Committee 23/06/2008 - 26/06/2010
Councillor Sybil Eurlena Spence Member 23/06/2008 - 21/06/2009
Councillor Kenneth Turner Chair of Audit and Performance Management Committee 23/06/2008 - 21/06/2009
Councillor Tony Ward Member 23/06/2008 - 21/06/2009


Appointee NameAppointee RoleAppointee Membership Dates
Mr Mike Ager Independent member 23/06/2008 - 21/06/2009

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