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Executive Committee

To deal with all matters of an urgent nature which cannot reasonably be delayed until the next ordinary meeting of the Authority or appropriate committee.To consider and monitor the Authority’s budget as necessary and to make appropriate recommendations.To open tenders for contracts where the estimated value exceeds £100,000. To approve the procurement process in respect of tenders where the estimated value exceeds £100,000. To receive reports on the financial and other benefits arising from contracts let by way of negotiation where the estimated value of the contract exceeds £100,000, prior to the award of the contract. To monitor the award of contracts in excess of £30,000 where a tender other than the most economically advantageous ( highest score) or lowest price has been accepted, or where the contract has been extended and this was not an option at the time of the award of the contract. To monitor the award of all contracts in excess of £100,000 and in particular those to which an exemption to procurement standing orders has been approved.To deal with matters that can be dealt with locally as part of the modernisation agenda.To consider recommendations arising from meetings of the West Midlands Regional Management Board.To deal with matters relating to the Members Allowances Scheme.To consider and make recommendations to the Authority on the conditions of service and salary of the posts of Chief Fire Officer, Deputy Chief Fire Officer and Assistant Chief Officers.To approve arrangements for partnership working, funding and/or goods, works or services provided freely from external sources, including external funding agreements, above £20,000 in value.To deal with any other matters referred to it by the Authority.To submit its minutes to the Authority.
22 June 2009 - 20 June 2010
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