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Joint Consultative Panel

To establish regular methods of consultation between the Authority and its employees and to consider and make recommendations on any problems which may arise. To consider and make recommendations to the Authority on any relevant matter referred to it by the Authority or by the relevant employee organisations; to consider and make recommendations to the Authority on the application of the terms and conditions of service for employees; to discharge such other functions as are specifically assigned to it; in appropriate circumstances, to refer any questions coming before it to the National Joint Council for consideration and advice where such action is deemed advisable; to inform the National Joint Council or any other appropriate body concerned of any recommendation of the Panel which appear to be of more than local interest provided that any such action shall be by way of a recommendation to the Authority prior to its submission and to submit its notes to the Authority.
25 June 2007 - 22 June 2008
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PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
Liberal Democrat
Councillor Shaukat Ali Khan Member 25/06/2007 - 27/06/2010
Councillor B A Douglas-Maul Member 25/06/2007 - 22/06/2008
Councillor Tersaim Singh Member 25/06/2007 - 22/06/2008
Councillor Kenneth Turner Principal Member 25/06/2007 - 22/06/2008
Councillor Graham Wilkes Member 25/06/2007 - 22/06/2008


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